Themed Thursdays: #2 ‘List 19 Personal or funny confessions of your choice.’

Hello :)

So basically, this is my second themed thursday blog haha.
I’ve been too undedicated with the 365 crew doing a daily blog on tumblr. T___T

Anywho, lets get this cracking :D

'List 19 Personal or funny confessions of your choice.' 

Prepare for a random and incoherent list of things. 

1. I’ve completely failed one of my New Year’s resolution of not drinking coke unless its with alcohol. DAM YOU SUBWAY AND THE HUB. D:<

2. I always get stuck on what to write for a blog like this.

3. Or maybe it’s because i’m singing along to music.

4. I can be such a lazy ass person. Seriously, I love my sleep. My bed never wants me to leave.

5. My eye sight is awful. I should be wearing my glasses all the time, but I don’t.. since its not part of my norm.

6. And no, I don’t wear contacts. Haha. -fail-

7. The only compliment that makes me really happy is about my eyes. Natural eye colour FTW. :)

8. Oh! Because of my eyesight, I tend to stare at someone for ages to try and work out whether its my friend or not in the distance. I look like a queer or a confused lost lil girl when that happens :D.

9. Is my favourite and lucky number.

10. I don’t know what 10 is :p

11. Here’s a really personal confession: I have really low self-esteem, especially with my looks. Always had, and always will tbh.

12. I can be too picky when it comes to guys. Maybe that’s why i’ll be foreveralone -.-‘

13. In relation to Uni, i’m starting to question my purpose for this course.

14. I spend way too much of my time on tumblr. And i’m now a mo liu twitter person.

15. I really can’t fucking stand conformists. Or copiers. Just be original/ yourself.

16. I personally find it so unattractive for girls to smoke. 

17. I’ve only ever gotten drunk to the point of chundering once, and that was in summer at kpop.

18. I used to cheat in my GCSE chinese school vocab tests. OMMMMMM :PP LOL

19. I should have been reading an important article than doing this blog. >___>

toodles. :D <3 xox 

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